Delivery information

Delivery to Omniva parcel machine. Delivery to Omniva parcel machine is possible only in case of prepayment. When confirming the order, you must select the nearest package station. In the SMS message to the specified phone number, you will receive the code for opening the storage , door. Shipped parcels are stored for 7 days, If not taken out before the expiry date of the storage period, it will return to Danatec Baltic warehouse. 

Delivery to the desired address by a courier. In order to deliver to you the parcel by a courier, when making an order, you must necessarily add your phone number. As soon as the parcel has been shipped, The Courier will contact you to agree on the delivery time. If you have selected delivery by TNT, DPD or Venipak courier service, but the implementation of the delivery will not be possible because of the lack of the communication, i.e. the courier will not be able to reach You via the phone number, in order to agree on a specific delivery time, or at appointed time, at the desired address You will not be available, please tell us about the new, preferred delivery time of the consignment. Re-delivery is for extra charge and the price depends on the weight and size of the shipment.

For oversize goods, the cost of delivery may be higher than indicated on the website – the consultant will contact you to agree on the method of delivery.

Delivery costs for the goods which are not in stock. Delivery costs for the large size goods (special machinery, tools etc.) that are not in Riga warehouse and are ordered at the customer's request are calculated separately for each order and are agreed with the buyer in advance.


Upon receipt of the order confirmation, please carefully check all information. Changing  the address/ delivery method of receipt after sending out the parcel, is a paid service (payment for delivery depends on the new type of delivery chosen).

If the ordered goods cannot be shipped out of the warehouse in one shipment, they will be sent out in several shipments, but delivery expenses will be charged only once. When choosing the delivery of the parcel by courier, the goods are delivered only to the exterior doors of the building. Therefore, please take care of the further delivery of the goods - for example, carrying in an apartment or private house - yourself.