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KUPER FSH  - veneer saw with optional planning unit and parallel fence
Veneer saw with optional planing unit and parallel fence.Precise veneer cutting without tearing for ..
KUPER SWT XS planing and moulding machine– small and unrivaled good.KUPER SWT XS – user-friendly and..
KUPER SWT XL planing and moulding machine – perfect for craft and industryIntroductionEfficient and ..
KUPER ZFS 3200 - Double Knife Veneer Guillotine
Cuts veneer packs exactly parallel and straight on two sides with a top and bottom knife.Function KU..
KUPER SWT HL – the most powerful machine of the SWT-FamilyIntroductionHigh Performance Machine with ..
KUPER TFS 3100 - Double Knife Veneer Guillotine
Twin Power. Two razor sharp blades cut veneer straight and parallel at the same time. Simply twice a..
Kuper KHL1 & KHL2 - Veneer Handgluers
KUPER KHL 1 and KHL 2 Veneer handgluers. Patch and bind splitted veneers with the KUPER Glue Thread...
KUPER HFZ 4 - Zig-zag Veneer Handgluer/jointer
KUPER HFZ 4 Zig-Zag Veneer Hand Gluer: Efficient and clean for zig-zag joining of small veneer quant..
KUPER FWM 630 - Zig-Zag Veneer Splicing Machines
Zig-zag veneer splicing machinefor small quantities.KUPER FWM 630 Zig-zag Veneer Splicing MachineVer..
KUPER FWS 1250 - Zig-Zag Veneer Splicing Machines
Extremely fast – perfectly suiting the industry.Zig-Zag Veneer Splicing Machine for bigger quantitie..
KUPER FWS 920 - Zig-Zag Veneer Splicing Machines
KUPER FWS 920 Veneer Splicing MachineDoes it all, takes little space and is cost saving: The compact..
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