Granules for reducing the pH level pH-MINUS CTX-10, 8kg
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A pH reducer in granules for reducing the pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 when it is above 7.6.
Ideal for: All pool types
Added value: Prevents the underperformance of disinfectants, cloudy wa-ter, irritated eyes and mucous membranes, the breakdown of the skin and  natural protective layer and the precipitation of calcium salts in the water leading to the formation of limes-cale due to water imbalance. High pH causes:
– Reduced efficiency of disinfectants.
– Cloudy water.
– Irritated eyes and mucous membranes.
– Breakdown of the skin?s natural protective layer.
– Precipitation of calcium salts in the water leading to li-mescale.

Recommended use: When there are no bathers in the pool, pour the amount of the product needed into a recipient with water (1.5 kg of reducer for lowering the pH by 0.2 units per 100 m3 of wa-ter), and then evenly spread the solution across the pools surface.

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